With a Hundred Naked Strangers

Some experiences you just have to try, if only once.

Swimming in the sea on Christmas day is one I may or may not ever repeat, but now I can say I did it. And, although I don’t think anyone was actually naked, a ban on wet suits meant there was a lot of bare flesh on show on Christmas morning.

Certainly, as far as the sea was concerned, we were all naked.

It’s been very windy lately and the sea was probably as rough as any I’ve been in, so getting a bit wet or doing it slowly wasn’t an option.

Once we were in we were almost immediately immersed, with waves threatening to knock us off our feet.

I’m not a strong swimmer but I do have a strong heart, which is just as well, because I wouldn’t recommend that kind of shock to anybody with a weak one. As is was, we were all gasping for breath as soon as the first wave hit. I couldn’t believe how hard I had to breath, just to catch my breath.

There was a lot of yelling and screaming, too, and not just from me.

The rule was, we had to stay in for three minutes. After about two minutes I couldn’t feel the cold any more, which is a bad sign, or so I was told afterwards. I was quite enjoying it by then, although I knew I was losing body heat fast.

But no matter – I stayed the course and then wandered around the beach for a while trying to remember where I’d left my towel, and not feeling cold at all. Jacqui had found it and called me over to where I had left it.

Eventually, dried and more or less dressed, I went with Jacqui to the Smugglers Inn, where we were all given a very welcome mulled wine. I don’t suppose the Smugglers has ever been more packed, and it was a great atmosphere.

So that’s another box ticked, another challenge faced and overcome and something else I’ll never have to do again. But now I know I can.

What scares you, just a little, in life or in business? How about, instead of taking the easy, less satisfying option of avoiding it, you confront it? Because you know, when you do, you’ll probably come out on top and, better yet, you’ll feel on top of the world.


PS. “Rather you than me” is a phrase I really like to hear, once I’ve chosen to take on a challenge. It means what I’m doing isn’t for everyone. It means it’s a real challenge. A little admiration and envy doesn’t hurt my self esteem, either!

For the record, the sea temperature on Christmas morning was ten degrees Celsius and the air was at six degrees.

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