Why You Should Work on Your Strengths

Roy Everitt on marketingWith my apologies for using the word “should”, professional athletes – at least the really good ones – know this is what works.

It doesn’t mean they don’t try to improve on those areas that aren’t their strengths; they just don’t focus on them.

Instead, they focus on their core abilities, the ones – or the one – that got them where they are. They don’t bemoan the things they aren’t good at; they celebrate the things in which they excel. A star athlete doesn’t let what they cannot do – or do well – interfere with what they can do. Usain Bolt doesn’t worry about not being a world-class marathon runner. Instead, he concentrates on being the fastest sprinter the world has ever seen.

If you were lucky enough to see Maradona play football you will remember he was almost completely one-footed. He always used his left foot. He was still the best player in the world at his peak.

We can all learn from this. Rather than feeling bad about our weaknesses, we should build on our strengths.

Actually, I’ve always believed, to take the football analogy again, that we should work on our weaknesses too – but that we should work even harder on maximising our strenths.

Those strengths don’t have to be as obvious as Maradona’s amazing left foot. Other strengths might even include an ability to work harder on our weaknesses than other people. So the capacity for hard work and self-improvement is also a strength. If that’s you, go with it.

Bobby Charlton reputedly spent hours kicking a ball against a wall and alternating his kicking foot until he was effectively two-footed. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot…

His shooting was legendary (although his heading never was).

Bobby Charlton could shoot powerfully and accurately with either foot – that was his strength.

When we work on our strengths and make the best use of them we can’t help but feel better – more confident, more accomplished and usually more successful.

Our strengths, after all, are what set us apart from the rest. That makes them our most valuable asset. You can’t charge a premium price for mediocrity.


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