Why The Law of Attraction is No Secret

The fact is, the Law of Attraction doesn’t work – at least, not in the way its supporters and proponents claim it does. If it seems to work, that’s because something else is going on that is almost as magical and mysterious, in the same way that any science or technology looks like magic to the people who don’t understand it.

The big problem with The Secret or the Law of Attraction is that countless millions of people can waste years of their lives waiting for it to work for them. Waiting for the Universe to ‘manifest’ something you’ve wished and hoped for much the same as praying and less effective than writing a letter to Santa. (At least someone might read your letter and grant you your wish). In that sense, it’s often incredibly harmful.

So how is it that it can also be very powerful? Well, the magic, as some drug-fuelled pop singer is bound to have said, is in your head. Use the Law of Attraction to inspire your actions and you could get some amazing results, but use it to excuse inaction and it’s unlikely you’ll get anything at all, except dumber, sicker and more broke (to paraphrase Randy Gage). The Universe does provide, it’s true, but not like that. The planet’s resources are as good as infinite, compared to the needs and wants of one person, but that doesn’t mean they’ll shower down upon you just because you want them to.

So where does the magic come in? Well, to sidestep or shortcut a lot of psychology, brain chemistry and evolutionary adaptation, your brain is designed to respond to both threats and opportunities, but it can’t always tell the difference, and new things are most often seen as threatening.That makes many of us shy away from them.

However, by preparing your brain, familiarising it with the kind of new experiences that your conscious mind has decided it wants, it can be trained to respond in a more positive way, spotting opportunities and responding positively to them. This can be as simple as instinctively smiling at someone in those first microseconds, which makes you more attractive and likeable, and makes them more likely to be ‘on your side’ (the real Law of Attraction) or it can mean seeing opportunities in time to seize them (or apparently ‘manifesting’ them). Again, this happens in seconds or even less, maybe taking minutes at most, where previously you might not have registered the opportunity for hours or days, or even at all. It’s no secret that a pessimistic person tends to be blind to the good things in life…

Now, although you’ve consciously prepared yourself (or your brain) to bring about these changes, when they take effect it’s so nearly instantaneous that it’s still only a semi-conscious event, which can certainly feel pretty magical. And, because you have to prepare to some extent, this real Law of Attraction only works when you believe in it enough to put in that effort. Therefore, if you can’t quite believe in the workings of your own brain to bring you what you want, believing in The Secret may be the next best thing.

I just happen to know that the truth is always more powerful than the fantasy. But the most important point is, you can rely on it to keep working – as long as you do.

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