When’s the Best Time to Plant a Tree?

There are some decisions that only hindsight can show us were right or wrong.

For example, investing in Apple when it was struggling about twenty years ago would have been a good idea. Buying Coca Cola shares when the company was still small might have made you rich by now – assuming you’re that old.

On the other hand, you might have invested a lot of money in Betamax video (ask your parents), on the basis that Betamax was far superior to VHS video. That would have been a bad move, though, as the people behind VHS were much better at promoting their system, and it became a global standard, while poor old Betamax disappeared (and a lot of people lost their shirts).

However, there are also decisions that are always right, but we don’t take them because they commit us to doing something about them. That means work, or maybe something else we don’t enjoy (like talking to our parents, perhaps…). Years later, we will wish we’d made the decision, and acted on it, all those years ago.

So, the answer to the question: “When is the best time to plant a tree?” is…

“Twenty years ago”.

But, assuming that we didn’t plant it twenty years ago …

… the second best time to plant a tree is NOW.

The same thing applies to whatever you’re avoiding doing now, just because it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. Or maybe it needs a bit of hard work and commitment.

Can you possibly imagine how you’ll feel in twenty years’ time when you look back and regret not doing what you knew you should have done today?

Well, today is the time to Crack On and do it, then!


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