What Happens When You Do Stuff

avatarI’ve been talking to the Inner Circle recently about email marketing.

So what happens when you actually do this stuff?

Well, I had a perfect opportunity to test what will happen by doing it.

A list of over 350 people in a particular niche (you won’t guess what it is) hadn’t been emailed for about two years. Why?

Well, because it’s not my list, but it had almost tripled in size during those two years, so it was severely overdue.

I emailed them late on a Sunday evening, and again on Monday morning, and once again on Monday afternoon.

Results? A massive open rate, especially on the Sunday evening (to prove you never can tell), a very impressive click through rate…

…and one complaint.

That’s what can happen when you email a list that we could easily have given up for dead.

So what will happen when you email regularly to an active list?

I don’t know for sure. But you have nothing to lose by finding out.

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