We Need to Talk About It

It’s interesting how a problem becomes so much clearer in our minds when we explain it to someone else.

Just as the best way to learn is said to be teaching, so explaining a problem in a way a lay person can understand is an excellent way to clarify it for ourselves. I think it’s important that the listener or reader is a lay person, or we can take short cuts, make assumptions of knowledge and miss the crucial point, which almost always has an easy answer.

I was explaining the challenge I had with restating a business in a new location earlier – specifically, relaunching a flat pack assembly business in Jersey – when the incredibly obvious (you would think) solution came to me. I’d hardly bothered with this kind of promotion when I had the business in Suffolk (although I’m not sure why, apart from concentrating on online marketing), but it was the most obvious answer for getting some attention for the new business.

That’s why a news release is winging its way to the Jersey Evening Post right now.  Total investment: a few minutes of my time.

Of course, another way to come up with obvious answers is to ask ourselves what we would advise someone else to do in our circumstances. That helps us get around the tendency we all have to stick to our favourite methods, even when something else would almost certainly bring better results.

What advice did we give to our friend, new to the copywriting and marketing business, before we left England? You can probably guess.


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