Unfocused Anger

Roy Everitt on marketingThere’s no shortage of things in the world to be angry about – and I’m not about to give you a list you can easily make up without my help – but there is a lot to be happy and grateful for as well.

And while I’m impressed by people who campaign on one or many issues of injustice, cruelty and the like, I’m much less impressed by people who seem to have an unfocused anger that they can turn to any issue that comes up. They can always find someone to blame and they often seem to hide this anger behind a facade of jolliness (although, to be fair, this might be their best defense against the sadness of their own lives).

But how to explain this unfocused anger? Well, clearly some people have a tough time of it, starting with an unhappy or underpriveliged childhood and continuing into an adulthood of poor health, bad luck and relative poverty. Others, on the other hand, don’t know how lucky they are. Either way, a sense of the unfairness of the world seems to pervade some people in every aspect of their lives. For them, life is never fair, even if they get everything they deserve (and no more, which is the very definition of fairness).

This in turn leads to an awareness of every slight, every minor mishap and an expectation that life will always be unfair, that governments always cheat and our neighbours are not to be trusted. Negativity, in other words, that doesn’t help them or anyone else to increase the level of fairness in the world or improve their own lives.

If you want to get angry, get angry. Think about your anger and where it needs to be directed and become active. Do something. That’s what anger is for – to make you act.

Action brings satisfaction.

But if you choose to simmer your whole life you’ll achieve much less. You would achieve more, in fact, by ignoring the world’s problems and concentrating on your own (genuine) happiness instead, because happy people make the world a better place.

I’m not about to change the way people think when they’ve been conditioned their whole lives but you might start to see this unfocused anger in other people. Just be aware of it so you can at least avoid being drawn into other people’s unhappiness and unfocused anger.

Do your bit, if you wish, but try above all to be happy in yourself. Because that’s doing your bit, too.


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