Truth and Reconciliation

Odd how important ‘truth’ is in the world.

For Nelson Mandela, truth became bound with reconciliation to become the most powerful force for healing and forgiveness in a country that could easily have torn itself apart.

For more ordinary mortals, facing the truth is often a painful experience. It’s fair to say that if we have to make a conscious effort to face a particular truth, it’s clearly something we’d find easier to avoid. At least, for a while.

And maybe you can avoid some truths forever, but I would bet my life that your life will be diminished in some way if you do.

But who am I kidding?

We all avoid some truths, maybe never seeing them for what they are. However, I believe the most impressive, most effective and most revered among us are those who recognise and bravely face the most truths and avoid theĀ  fewest.

And, if it’s true that the truth sets us free, then Nelson Mandela was always more free than most of us.

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