Troubleshooting a Speciality

avatarNot everything I can do for a client will appear on a list of services, partly because I could never anticipate everything I’ll be asked to do, and also because such a long list could give the impression I’m a “Jack of all trades” (and master of none).

But every so often a client will have a problem they don’t understand or need information they don’t have access to. For example, one client is seeing visitor numbers to his website increase week by week, but his sales are not reflecting this. Naturally, he’s concerned.

Although I’m doing everything we agreed I would do, the end result for him is not what he hoped for. Sales, in other words, are not as high as he hoped. In the end, it’s sales that pay the bills: either more sales, more valuable sales or more repeat sales.

So I investigated, and found a crucial but simple mistake on his website that is probably killing his sales. (I must say, this kind of job adds a lot to the variety of my work and makes it much more interesting.)

Anyway, now that he knows what the problem is, my client can set about fixing it. Then all the work I’ve done for him will bring him the returns he’s been hoping for.

Problem solved, for now.

His next problem will be coping with the increased volume of sales, although we’ve already discussed that one and he has plans in place to cope when the time comes – hopefully, very soon.