The Worst Thing in Business?

Roy Everitt on marketingWant to know what the worst thing is? Well, you could argue it’s any problem that you can’t solve (and that’s hurting you) but there’s nearly always a solution, even if you don’t know it. Ask someone who knows and that problem is solved.

You could say it’s lack of cash (otherwise known as late payers), bad suppliers or staff you can’t rely on. All these can be solved, too, although they’re all easier to deal with if you anticipate problems and put the right processes in place from the start.

You could argue that selling is a headache, that competition is too fierce or that not enough people want what you what you want to sell. Those all amount to the same thing, really, and the solution is there for all to see.

No, I reckon the worst problem of all is having nothing to sell in the first place. If that sounds daft, consider how many people are trying to sell “what they do” to other people who have no use for it. I mean, have you ever tried to sell “marketing”? Don’t, because hardly anyone thinks they need it and even fewer actually want it. It’s the “wants” you need, by the way, not the “needs”. No one buys what they need, only what they want. And there lies the problem.

So it’s a much better idea to have a product or service that people want. Even if it’s something they need they’ll only think about buying it when they want to — when the pain of not having is bigger than the pain of paying.

So, if you’re an expert in marketing, even a certified, top of the class expert, use that expertise to sell something that people want to the people who actually want it. (It’s a lot easier than selling your marketing talent to someone who’s trying to sell something to someone else.)

And if you can’t manage that, doesn’t it say something about that marketing expertise of yours?


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