The Bird Who Was Scared of Heights

Roy Everitt on marketingThis could be a long story, but I’ll keep it short.

Once, there was a young bird who was scared of heights. It wasn’t that he couldn’t fly but he was scared to rise more than inch or two into the air. His mother, who loved him dearly, despaired of him.

“You have to fly”, she said, “it’s what we all need to do when we grow up and it’s time to leave the nest”.

“But ostriches don’t fly”, said the bird, “neither do Emus or Rheas”.

“Can you run as fast as an ostrich?”, asked his mum.

“Can you fight as fiercely as an Emu?”, she added, “or a Rhea, whatever that is?”

“No”, he said, “but I’m scared of flying, so I’ll get by somehow”.

His mum took him to see the wise owl. Luckily, the owl was sitting on a low branch so the young bird could talk to him and hear him.

The owl, rather than telling him what he should do, asked him the same questions as his mum:

“Can you run like an ostrich or fight like an emu, or a rhea (whatever that is)?”, he asked.

“No. But…”, said the bird.

At which point the owl introduced his friend the cat.

The young bird took flight. Looking down, he felt queasy for a while but he very soon got used to the feel of flying. It was a million times better than the fear he’d felt before. And as a bonus he got to live to appreciate it.

Sometimes it takes a bigger fear than the one we already own to help us fulfill our destiny.

Just sayin’, as they say.