The Best Complaints You Can Get

avatarThinking about complainers is probably not a very productive thing to do, but I found myself doing it anyway, on the back of something I raised with the Inner Circle members recently.

In summary, I said the only complaints you need to worry about will be the ones from your customers.

Bearing in mind that customers are people who have bought recently or are buying from you now. Others are ex-customers, potential customers or non-customers.

But, apart from your customers and the rest, there’s a third group of people whose complaints you probably should provoke and encourage by the way you conduct your business (within the law and your moral and ethical code, of course), and that’s your competitors.

When your competitors start complaining about your unfair
practices, you know you’re getting somewhere.

And when they start to say daft things like, “We don’t do business like that around here”, you know you’ve got them rattled.

Of course, when you do things differently from everyone else (and successfully) you don’t really have competitors any more, and that’s the best situation of all.

Because, premium pricing, here you come.