The Bench Definitely Won

Christmas eve, and I finally got back on my bike, determined to confront my nemesis – the bench I had a violent argument with eleven days earlier.

After checking that my bike was only slightly damaged and still safe to ride, I went very carefully down the steep hill to St Aubin and on towards St Helier along the promenade. Very soon, there was ‘my’ bench. Bold as brass, clear as day, exactly where I’d left it.

I gave it a wide berth and carried on around the bay, before turning for home. When I reached the bench again I decided to stop for a few pictures. And, when I looked closely, I was pleased to see that I had at least inflicted some minor damage. Or rather, my bike had.

In jamming my front wheel between the slats of the seat, the spokes had taken a small slither of wood from the edge of one of them. It will be permanently scarred, just like my forehead.

My head had not left its mark on the other end, though. So, we’re even, at best. I couldn’t detect any signs of psychological trauma in the bench, either.

I was quite shaken up, but I’m fine now. Life is full of experiences and some of them aren’t the kind of experience we would choose to have. But, the bigger the experience, the more we are marked by it and the stronger we become by getting through, past or over it.

Life is scary sometimes, not always by choice. But the more of it we experience the more able we are to face our fears deliberately, too.

Face it, the future will arrive (if we’re lucky).


PS. Sometimes we choose (or are persuaded) to seek out new experiences. Just because we can and so we can say ‘I did that’. It’s quite nice to hear other people say ‘rather you than me’, too. But they’re also a great way to toughen up, bit by bit, for the bigger tests that throw themselves at us, unannounced.

More on that next time.

Meanwhile, here’s a challenge for you. I’ll be raising my prices again in the new year. I’m not sure exactly when but I do know how much I’ll be raising them, and it will be a significant increase.

The decision is yours – choose to be brave now, or you might have no choice but to be even braver later.

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