That Thing You Meant to Do

 Roy Everitt on marketingYou know that thing you meant to do?

You should probably do it. Today, if you can, but certainly as soon as possible.
Let me tell you a very short story…

Before my dad died, he lived an increasingly restricted life, being ever more disabled by multiple sclerosis (MS). Now, MS affects different people in different ways and progresses at different rates. For some people, it brings death in a few years. Others become slowly more disabled and endure the pain and loss of liberty for decades. A lucky few have occasional sporadic relapses but live more or less normal lives for much of the time.
My dad was in the second category. From the first signs in the late 1960s it was about 20 years before he was mostly confined to a wheelchair, and he only died in 2002 – about 35 years after he started to have problems with walking more than a mile or two.
He was never good at phoning. Neither am I, even now, so we would sometimes go months between phone calls. It was always an effort for me to pick up the phone – he never would, even when he was still physically able.
…as soon as I did call him, everything was always okay between us. More than that, I always felt a great sense of relief. Even when I wasn’t consciously  thinking about my dad, there was always this nagging anxiety, guilt, stress, or whatever.
I wasn’t aware of it until it passed. Like a subliminal noise that you don’t notice until it stops.
If you’re feeling stressed about something and nothing, and can’t put your finger on exactly what’s wrong, I wouldn’t mind betting there’s something similar nagging away at your subconscious, too.
Probably someone you need to speak to. Quite likely someone who never calls you, either. What’s it worth, this feeling that it must be his or her turn to call?
What’s it worth to speak with them again? When will it be too late?
While you’re both still alive there’s still time. Don’t wait until there isn’t.

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