Teaching Science to a Politician

avatarThey just don’t get it..

And I can’t decide if it’s willful ignorance or just that the kind of people who go into politics actually have a different kind of brain.

Or maybe scientists can’t tolerate all the fudging and dissembling that goes with a life in politics.

Anyway, for whatever reason, we get Environment Secretaries who can’t grasp environmental science or climatology, education ministers who don’t seem to have been to a real school in their lives, and more.

If real facts, actual research and proven results don’t fit their own prejudices they’re ignored – and anyone not towing the line is moved ‘sideways’ (or just sacked).

But hold on…

Let’s face it, we’re all capable of being just as blinkered. Even with all the evidence we could possibly need that what we’re doing isn’t working and that there is a better way, we can carry on doing the first thing we thought of, the thing we find comfortable or the thing that causes least offence.

At least our politicians have thicker skins – even if they are calculating who they can afford to offend and who they have to suck up to…

I can’t do much about politicians, I’m afraid, except cast my vote when the time comes and sign all the petitions I believe in.

But I can do something about you – or help you to do something about yourself, to be more accurate.

Willful ignorance is one of humanity’s bigger sins. It leads to all kinds of trouble.

You don’t have to commit that sin yourself now, do you?

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