Cycling Coaching and Mentoring

How you can safely start your cycling adventure today, with the benefit of years of experience

“The furthest I’ve ridden so far is 20 miles” “I’d like to do a tour but I don’t know where to begin” “Do I really need a new bike?” “There are so many bikes, how do I decide which one?” “I’d love to tour but is it safe?”

Just some of the questions people ask about cycle touring, and which I answer in the course at Your Cycling Adventure.

If this seems like a sudden change in direction, it is. But I’ve been seriously into cycle touring for over a decade now and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

And, frankly, it’s a lot more fun than marketing!

Last year, just as we all got locked down, I created a course to share that knowledge and experience for the great day, whenever it came, when we we would all be able to travel again.

If you’ve been longing to escape, to have the adventure of a lifetime, or if you’ve become an occasional cyclist and want to go further, the course is there right now, just waiting for you.


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