Selling Yourself – More than a USP

Roy Everitt on marketingWhen it comes to creating a brand image there’s not much that’s more compelling than personality. Not “personality” as in something you create but the real, genuine, back to the real you, personality.

If you’ve tried to create a USP for your business you’ll know how difficult it can be to come up with something that’s both compelling and unique. Unique sounds hard enough, but something people will want to buy into needs to be more than just “different”. It has to be something they want, too. However, step aside from that challenge for a moment and start with the easier half of the problem.

What is more unique than you – or every other person on the planet? Put us into demographic groups, label us as types or stick us in categories, genders, races or religions – when you look closely at any one person you’ll see that there is no one else on the entire planet who’s exactly the same. That is uniqueness, literally personified.

Accentuate your differences, write your character large and you’ll fine no one else can match you. Try to be like everyone else in your sector and you’ll disappear like the rest of them. The more you do this the more you will polarise your audience into “lovers” and “haters”. Haters you can live without (and ignore). Your customers will be found among the people who decide they really, really like you. Does that sound like an easier group to sell to than any “demographic” or target audience. Yes, it does.

Now all you need is the offer, the service or the product that those people want. That’s not always easy to create, either, but at least you’ll be halfway there.

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