Self Belief is No Guarantee

Roy Everitt on marketingNo, self belief doesn’t guarantee you success, but…

… you can be sure that self-doubt will hinder your chances.

Look at anyone you can think of who is really successful, and you’ll see that they all seem to be confident in their ability to succeed.

Now, that self confidence or self belief may have always been there – some people are just born with it or grow up in an environment that helps them to feel confident from a very young age.

But my guess is, if you’re not achieving the success you would like, that your self confidence isn’t quite so high. What’s important to know, then, is that for every successful person filled with innate self-confidence, there are probably ten, twenty or a hundred who had to grow their self confidence, step by step.

And that’s the way you’ll need to do it, too.

But the great news is that taking small steps becomes relatively easy once you’ve taken the first one or two.

All you need to do is aim for something a little beyond anything you’ve done before, in whatever field you want to progress. Even then, you don’t have to do it alone – there is always someone a bit more experienced, a little more accomplished or slightly more advanced than you, and most people, if you ask them outright, will be happy to give advice.

Once you’ve taken that first step – maybe twice to make sure – you have that achievement under your belt. It becomes something you know you can do and a basis for doing the next thing.

Each step may be a bit scary but pretty soon even coping with the fear becomes something you can do.

(The most confident people on the outside might still be quite nervous on the inside – but their confidence manifests in knowing they can cope with the nerves, and even use them to create the energy they need.)

And this step by step approach applies to everything. Every step you take moves you towards the next step and, with an occasional pause for rest and to take in your progress so far, your confidence in your ability to keep making progress will grow.

We all go through this process naturally, throughout our lives, but some do it more easily and quickly than others. Being conscious of the process will help you not only plan your steps but also to fully appreciate your achievements as you go.

As we’ve seen, this will boost your self confidence and so speed up your progress.

And if you get stuck?

What stops you is probably what’s scaring you. It may not be quite what you think it is. A common fear is the unknowable consequences of success, from alienating friends to paying more tax. However, when you identify just
what does scare you, and why, you’ll be able to see it more rationally and you’ll be halfway to beating it.

Then you can take that next step, and the next one, and watch your self belief grow

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