Press the Big Red Button

Roy Everitt on marketingIf you’ve read all the books, blogs and ebooks you can stomach, learned all the tips and tricks there are and have all the tools at your fingertips, but still nothing happens…

… all that’s lacking is the action. Pressing the “GO” button on your big adventure.

So why don’t we take action, when we know we “should”?

  • Are we not ready?
  • Are we scared?
  • Are we unsure what will happen next?
  • Are we undeserving of success?
  • Are we embarrassed about it?
  • Are we too lazy?

I don’t think there’s a single answer, but I know I can empathise with all of the above. But

  • You’ll never be ready – new experiences are always new until we get used to them
  • You’re entitled to be scared, but reframe it as excitement about the unknown
  • You can’t know what will happen next until the next thing happens but you will cope with it
  • Deserving doesn’t come into it. You can always give it away once you’ve got it
  • You’ll soon get over the embarrassment, especially as no one else really cares
  • Laziness is a choice. If you want it you will do your best. Don’t believe people who tell you you’re lazy

The last of those is a particular bugbear of mine that I’ll go into another time.

Meanwhile, if the big red “GO” button is waiting for your finger, press it. And see what happens next.




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