Opportunities Abound

I don’t often Roy Everitt on marketingmention our company Cinnamon Edge here (for reasons I’m not entirely clear about myself) but the successes and failures we enjoy or endure in that partnership will often inform the help and advice I give to you and others. It’s just that Cinnamon Edge isn’t all we do and it isn’t the only experience we have.

That said, a recent success we enjoyed gave me a timely reminder (once I took the time to notice it) that while not everything we do is expressly designed to promote or develop our business, the most surprising things do present us with the opportunity to do exactly that. 

One thing that I do less of than I could (because it’s not a strength and I’m probably more effective when I do what I’m good at) is simply saying hello to people I don’t know. It sounds like a simple thing, but some of us are better at it than others and probably enjoy it more. For me, it can be a bit stressful, while for Jacqui it seems to be in her DNA.

So it’s never surprising to find out Jacqui has got talking to someone. It’s not unusual to hear she’s found out what they do. Quite often, she’ll discover they need some help or advice with their marketing, and every now and again they’ll ask her to provide that help.

Complimenting someone on their hanging baskets doesn’t always bring us a new and enthusiastic client, but just once in a while that’s exactly what happens. It’s how we gained our most recent client and something like it will almost certainly happen again.

The old adage “People buy from people” is never more true than when you start a conversation with a friendly comment and it grows into something entirely different. It helps when the other person is warm and friendly too, of course, but you’ll never know if they are unless you’re prepared to at least say “Hi”.

And you’ll never know what people may need your help with unless you have a conversation with them. Even if it starts with their hanging baskets.

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  1. Jacqui is busy bashing our Cinnamon Edge website into shape as I write this, so you might see an ‘Under maintenance’ notice if you click on the link. Rest assured, our clients’ websites and businesses always take priority – hence the overdue update of our own site.

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