On Willful Ignorance

avatarA few days ago I touched on the subject of willful ignorance (and the politicians who seem to thrive on it…), but specifically on the thought that it’s one of humanity’s greatest sins.

We do an awful lot of awful things to each other and other inhabitants of this planet because we’ve chosen not to know stuff – because we’ve chosen belief over knowledge and faith over real learning…

…dogma over real wisdom.

We’ll even kill for it.

I say “we”, but I’m sure I don’t mean you or me. Perish the thought.

But willful ignorance works on a smaller and less devastating stage, too, when we believe what we want to believe about our family, friends, neighbours and even ourselves.

A bit of self-delusion doesn’t hurt. Forgetting we’re going to die one day is a good thing for much of the time. But remembering it from time to time is a good idea, too, and so is facing some other unpalatable facts.

That way, we have a better chance of making good use of the time we do have.

I’m talking about your business but of course the same goes for all parts of your life. If it could be better, whatever it is, face that fact and decide how you can improve it. Will the pain of not improving things be worse than the pain (or just hard work) required to make the change?

And, if you’re not sure how to change it, is willful ignorance about that even excusable? No. Never.

The information you need is out there. Not accessing it is a bigger sin that believing in the ‘wrong’ God could ever be.

In the real world, anyway.

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