No More Excuses

avatarIf you’re not doing and achieving everything you hoped or even planned to do, you no doubt have your excuses. We all do.

Some of those excuses are very convincing. A lot of them may even be true. But they’re not the reason you haven’t got where you want to be with your business or your life. They’re excuses.

What really stops you doing what you know you should be doing is… you just don’t do it.

Most of the time, what you need to do is quite simple. You probably know much of it already. Not that you should ever stop learning, but the time to start doing is now, just as it always was.

With that in mind, here’s another warning about how delaying the doing, even if it’s to do more of the learning, will be a bad idea for you specifically, and especially now.

My prices are rising very soon. You could say I’m counting down, except I haven’t announced exactly when I’ll do it. This has nothing to do with delaying the doing and everything to do with keeping you guessing.

But it will happen, I’ve decided when, and it will be soon.

And I can tell you that my prices will at least double, and that it will happen sometime in January. Why? Well, in case you didn’t read my last message, here’s what I said about that.

Oh, and because I can. There are no rules when it comes to pricing.

Unless you’re in the kind of regulated industry where prices actually are controlled, YOUR prices are up to you, too – and NOT your competitors or whatever passes for the industry ‘norm’.

If you’re cheaper than the rest, or even just ‘competitive’, what does that say about your quality?

Think about that, but not for too long, because it’s time to ACT.