Mostly Harmless

Roy Everitt on marketingAs faint praise goes, ‘mostly harmless’ is about as faint as it gets.

If you and your business are so innocuous that you and it can be described in that way, you’re in trouble.

Imagine if that’s all people can think to say about you. Not ‘brilliant’, or ‘indispensable’ or even ‘interesting’. Just ‘mostly harmless’.

It’s what happens when you try to be everyone’s friend by being inoffensive to the point of meekness. No one hates you, but only because no one notices you.

And, while that might work for a church mouse, it can’t ever work for a business.

Get out there, get noticed and ruffle some feathers. Yes, you’ll start to divide people into the ones that like you and the ones that, shock and horror, might not, but at least you’ll get noticed.

And the ones that like you will be much more likely to buy from you.

People buy from (and buy into, in a personal sense) people who they notice and like, not the ones they hardly notice at all and can only think of as ‘mostly harmless’.


PS. If the phrase ‘Mostly Harmless’ straight away made you think of the great Hitch Hikers’ Guide series of novels by Douglas Adams (and you read and enjoyed them all) then you and I already have something wonderful in common.

And I like you a bit more already.