Massive Action and Other Myths

One of the things you’re likely to hear from motivational speakers, prosperity coaches and other people promising to help you improve your life, your wealth and your value to the world is that you need to take “massive action”.

They’re not wrong; they just don’t mean what they say.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you’ve decided you’re overweight and unfit. Let’s say someone of your age and height should ideally weigh about 11 stones (154 lb) and be able to run a mile in about eight minutes, whereas you weigh about 18 stones and can’t run a mile at all.

Massive action suggests you should go out tomorrow and attempt to run that mile. It also suggests you shouldn’t eat a proper meal until you reach your ideal weight.

Massive action, in other words, will probably kill you.

What you can do instead is eat a bit more sensibly than you do now and start to take some exercise, like walking. After a time you can start to eat a little less and exercise a bit more.

In a few weeks you could be eating very healthily and walking faster or cycling or maybe even jogging a short distance. You still won’t weigh 11 stones and you won’t be running an eight-minute mile yet.

In a year’s time, though, you could have reached both those milestones. Overall, you will have taken massive action. In fact, your massive action was committing yourself to reaching those targets in time and then sticking to your plan (more or less, because you’re only human) until you got there.

The same goes for any other targets you might have.

Can you go from being deep in debt to millionaire status by next week? No.

Can you become a chess master from scratch in a month? No.

What you can do is take the first step (starting from where you are now, not somewhere you need to reach before you even begin) that will get you started on your journey towards your target. And then commit to continuing on that journey as far as you can go in the time you have.

Also understand that you might not get there as fast as you hoped or as quickly as some people promised. But do commit to the journey.

That is massive action. And it’s completely within your power.


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