It Means Nothing to Me

avatarDid you see the Superbowl?

No? me neither.

Frankly, as a Brit, it means nothing to me and the attempts of numerous ‘marketing’ newsletters to tie their messages in with a sports event that has no relevance to my life illustrates a couple of things:

Firstly, that they don’t know me. They’re pandering to a majority of their readers, perhaps, but they’re certainly not catering for me and my interests.

Secondly, by not speaking to me about something that matters to me, it’s suddenly very clear how important it is to do better at that. They lost me in the introduction, so anything else they said was irrelevant, too, because I didn’t see it.

One way to speak more directly and specifically to an audience is to select an audience that shares the same interests and opinions as you.

Another is to be much more specific in your research, as well as being much more careful with the segmentation of your list.

If I knew that a significant number of my list were interested in Superbowl 48 I could have chosen to do a bit of research so I could talk to them about it.

But really, unless you’re one of the minority on this side of the pond who are interested in it, not talking about the Superbowl is a good way to make my marketing more targeted, not less.

If you get that, you’ll see that you can use all kinds of subject matter to target your market and eliminate people who are outside your target demographic. Not just sport but anything that’s relevant, however unrelated it might seem at first sight.