I Was a Star Trek Extra

Dreams are weird things, aren’t they?

Last night I was not only an extra in Star Trek (which also became real for a while), I was also trying to fix a Ford Anglia that I’d foolishly parked in everyone’s way outside the studio. Shades of Harry Potter?

Earlier, I was up a mountain, and I’m pretty sure I rode my bike at some point – possibly in mid air.

None of it made any sense, of course, just like most of my dreams. I don’t subscribe to the idea that dreams predict the future, although they do sometimes give us insights that our waking brains couldn’t manage.

But there are other dreams that do make sense – the daydreams we use to imagine a possible future and consciously try it for size. These dreams, where we aspire to something better than we have now, are a perfect way to inspire ourselves to do whatever we need to do to achieve a brighter future.

So by all means let yourself dream. Just don’t expect any of them to come true unless you’re prepared to make them happen.

And if your dreams revolve around your business, you’re prepared to work at making them happen, you’re prepared to held accountable AND you’re ready to invest in the whole (possibly lengthy) process, get in touch.

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