I Thought I’d Blown Up the House

So, I’d recently got in from seeing to the horses, which had taken a while, the woodburning stove was going nicely and the wind was getting blustery outside.

I’d written yesterday’s post, in which I told you about the antiquated boiler and its alleged propensity to blow up if left unattended, when …

… with a deep rumble and an audible bang, the whole house shook. With the boiler still on my mind, my first thought was that I’d somehow blown it up. My second thought was that Floyd, the crazier of the two dogs, was trampolining on the bed upstairs or that he’d knocked over something very heavy.

The floors here are very springy and with no carpets the whole house is a very effective sound box.

But no. Both dogs were in the lounge behind me, looking about as puzzled as I probably did. The front door was ajar – had a strong gust caught it?

When I calmed down, I remembered the boiler was definitely not lit, but the wind wasn’t really that strong, either. It was quite unsettling, wondering if the house might be about to fall down around me, but a quick check didn’t reveal anything amiss.

It was a relief, though, to read on Facebook about the earthquake.

The quake was felt in the Channel Islands, about 100km north of where I am, and it was centered near the South Brittany town of Vannes, only 80km away. It was quite a strong one by local standards, and the first one I’ve ever experienced.

Jacqui’s cousin, whose house I’m minding, was relieved, too. As he said, when I mentioned my trampolining Floyd theory, “The dogs aren’t allowed upstairs”.

Now, I’m not going to say Jacqui’s excellent report on Reputation Marketing will make your business earthquake-proof, but our resources page is still standing

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