How to Change Everything

avatarHow’s it going with the resolutions so far?

New Year, new you, perhaps?

We all know in our hearts it doesn’t work that way, or we’d all be perfect people and exactly where we wanted to be almost as soon as we worked out what it was we wanted.

The truth is, major changes in ourselves don’t happen overnight, even at New Year. Instead, they happen incrementally, little by little.

Of course, a small change can have big repercussions. Decisions have consequences, and that’s where their power lies. So it follows that, to make major changes in your life you should concentrate on doing the things that will effect those changes, not waste your time trying to make major changes to yourself, especially overnight.

That might sound like the very opposite of what the self help gurus have been telling you. But tell me this – how much have they actually changed things for you so far?

And how much more might things have changed for you if you’d spent more time doing the little things that make a material difference and less of it hoping for miraculous changes in yourself (which will then magically change your material circumstances)?

You’re already all you need to be, for now. If you’re dissatisfied with your lot, that means you’re ready to accept more. So make that happen first and then see how much you ‘grow’ when it does.