Helping Any Way I Can (and You Want)

Roy Everitt on marketingDecember 2010:

Last night I was updating my Facebook profile with the new layout and adding my home town, etc, when I spotted the little bit of text that describes what I actually do.

In truth, what I’d written already was okay, since it did describe what I want people to think I do. The idea being that anyone who reads it and needs that kind of help will contact me, one way or another.

In marketing it usually pays to be speciific, so potential customers will know right away if you have what they want or if you’re likely to be able to solve their particular problem. But we’re all (I hope) bigger than our jobs, our careers or our Facebook profiles and, what’s more, I know we all have the capacity to be bigger and better than we have been so far.

Put it this way: Our only known limits are the limits of our experience to date.

So, it seemed to me I could describe what I do, what I want to do and what I seem to find myself doing when I stop trying to do what I think I should do – still with me? – by being less specific, not more.

In other words, by using the one word that describes my most recent and most enjoyable and worthwhile activities I coud sum myself up rather better. (I’m not sure if activities are always enjoyable for being worthwhile or if they are inherently worthwhile just by virtue of the fact that we enjoy doing them, but whatever concidence of chemistry, psychology or synchronicity brings them together, worthwhile and enjoyable do go together rather well.)

Maybe it’s just a matter of pleasure without guilt…

…anyway, what I’ve found myself enjoying doing lately can be summed up in one word: ‘helping’.

Now, it may be that I can help you. That doesn’t mean I always can or always will choose to help, or that what you think you need help with is exactly what I would choose to do for you, but if we can synchronise those things, and if we can both agree that my help is what you need right now (or then), I’d love to help.

Of course, every transaction is a two-way thing, and I’ll need your help, too. If helping you means I have less time to help myself (with boring old bills and that kind of thing) I’ll need your help in the form of some of those Bank of England promisary notes that magically help me keep my own body and soul together.

Then we’ll both be helping each other, and you know how good that feels!

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