Enjoying the Simple Life

Hello again from an inclement Brittany, where you might recall I’m minding the animals and occupying the house while Jacqui’s cousin and his wife are away.

So far, so good, on the keeping animals alive and well front. The house is still intact, too, despite me lighting the ever so slightly ancient wood-burning boiler yesterday.

Apparently, this model has been known to blow up if it gets too hot, and the way it’s regulated is very basic. Essentially, you have to manage the fire and remember to turn on the pump. I can cope with the pump but given how tricky the fire is to light, managing it is not as easy as it sounds – it either burns really well or it goes out, as far as I can see.

But I kept it alight for several hours yesterday and we’re all still here. Today, I’ll stick to the wood burner, which is a lot easier.

The easier option is often the best one, don’t you think?

Like managing your online reputation rather than trying to rescue it later? It’s not just easier, it’s a lot less stressful. Getting ahead of yourself in this way is also better than trying to play catch up. For example, I’ll have a lot less clearing up from the horses to do, having done a pretty¬†thorough job over the last two days. It’s not so different from clearing up your own mess when you’ve neglected the basics for too long.

So, once again I’m going to point you towards Jacqui’s free guide to reputation marketing, on our resources page. Looking after the basics or clearing up the mess? It’s your choice.

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