Cobbler’s Shoes

Roy Everitt on marketingJust as a cobbler’s childrenĀ are sometimes said to have the worst shoes and builders’ houses are often in dire need of some TLC, website companies sometimes neglect their own sites in favour of their clients’ needs.

Now, although our website wasn’t bad it had become quite bloated over the years and it was definitely in need of rationalisation and revision. Part of the problem is that we offered so many different services to a wide range of client that our offering had become unfocused. While our clients know what we can do, a website visitor might have struggled to be sure where our talents lie – one of the cardinal sins and something we wouldn’t let a client get away with.

So, Jacqui has been hard at work, trimming, editing and redesigning, while I’ve chipped in with some new copy and opinions on design and structure. It’s almost there and we’ve removed the ‘under maintenance’ notice so you can see how we’re getting on at

If you’ve time, please take a particular look at our streamlined ‘services‘ page.

Meanwhile, whether you want to chat about working with Cinnamon Edge or think a more ‘one-to-one’ relationship with me might be more helpful, you can get in touch with me at roy[at] or roy[at]


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