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There’s an old saying: “You can’t always get what you want, but you’ll always get what you need.”

Or was that the Rolling Stones song? Anyway, we all know that what we want isn’t always the best thing for us to have (think: more chocolate, more beer, etc, etc). The same goes for your business, which is why I don’t always give people what they want but always try to assess what their business actually¬† needs.

Think of it this way: suppose you went to a mechanic and told him that your car was under-performing and struggling on hills, and what you really wanted him to do was change the door mirrors for new, shinier ones. The mechanic would tell you (I hope) that shiny new door mirrors aren’t going to make your car perform any better and that the problem is more likely to be under the bonnet.

Well, deciding that what your business really needs is a shiny new anything, when the real answer to better performance is under the bonnet is just as illogical. In fact, any solution that you just like the look of probably won’t be much better.

So think of me, and the company I’m a partner in, as mechanics for your business – determined to find the fault before we sell you the fix – and you’ll have a good idea of how we work.

That means we invest time and expertise before we sell you anything at all, and that means we’re probably not the cheapest. But then, you’re consulting with a business mechanic to get exactly what your business needs, not buying something shiny off the shelf, regardless of whether you need it or it will help – or even fit – your business.

I think you’ll agree our way makes more sense.

You’ll find more about our business services at Or you can just contact me for a chat.

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