Breitbart – How You Can Play Your Part

Roy Everitt on marketingIf you use Google adwords to promote your business there’s a very simple way to play your part in discouraging them from helping to fund Breitbart’s right-wing propaganda website. You can specifically exclude the Breitbart site (and any others) in your Adwords settings. You can do this for individual ad groups or for your entire campaign:

“Just as you can target placements in the Google Display Network to show your ads – like specific pages, sites, mobile apps, and video – you can also exclude placements where you don’t want your ads to show. In particular, you might exclude websites or domains that aren’t appropriate for your brand and that aren’t helping you sell your products or services.”

Now, your few dollars (or even cents) might not have much impact but imagine if every responsible advertiser using Google did the same thing. How would Google react?

If nothing else, your own conscience can be clear, just by helping to get the ball rolling.

Here’s how you do it.


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