Marketing Miles Better than Les Mis.

avatarOne thing that people who know me will already know about me is that I really don’t like musicals. With a few exceptions, probably more related to childhood nostalgia than inherent quality, I always find musicals to be contrived, clumsy and mostly tuneless.

Subtle and artistic, they are not.

But something that fewer people know about me is that I once wrote the libretto (that’s the words for all you philistines) for a musical, and quite enjoyed the process – especially as I was being paid to do it.

(I was more of a poet at the time and I got the commission by answering an ad in Private Eye.)

I don’t know if Ace of Spades was ever performed but from memory it was brilliant – witty, clever and original…

If you think about it, doing something that you don’t particularly enjoy seeing when other people have done it is a lot like promoting your business.

After all, most advertising is painfully bad. Many sales people are an embarrassment. A lot of marketing is inept and ineffective.

But none of that need put you off promoting your business well, with style and to great effect. In other words, you can do better.

Just as my musical libretto was so much better than Les Miserables, so your marketing can be better than MacDonald’s.

Well, way better than average, anyway.