Why Write a Business Plan?

Why is it that so many people who have great plans for their business very often don’t have a proper business plan?

Is it because most entrepreneurs are instinctively ‘doers’ rather than ‘planners’? Is it because they’re afraid that spending time on planning will take them away from the real work or that a long ‘to do’ list will be hanging over them when they just want to get on with things?

Or maybe it’s because they sense there will be things on that list that they would rather not have to deal with. Perhaps it’s because they like to stay ‘flexible’ and not be bound by a plan at all.

Whatever the reason, eventually, most business owners come to realise that having a business plan is the only way to keep track of what’s happening now and to stay on track towards their business goals.

It’s not an extra; it’s an essential part of any successful business.

For some people that realisation comes late in the day – often during times of change – and the business plan then is as much about sorting out the problems in the business as it is about planning for a glorious future.

It’s always best to have a plan in place at the start of your journey, but we all know the world’s not perfect, and whether you’ve been running your business for a few months or for several years, it’s never too late to put a plan in place and start running it better.

In fact, the bigger the mess, the greater the need is for a plan to put things right.

Get help to write it – someone who’s been there before will be a real help when you draft your business plan, making sure everything’s covered and nothing is glossed over or forgotten. You’ll also know that your plan is realistic and workable.

Finally, find a champion for your plan – it will be even better for your business if you also have someone pressing you to stick to it!

If you don’t have a business plan now, now is always the perfect time to get one.