We Met Over an Airbed

Today, I’ve a little story for you. Imagine this:

You are struggling to build your business beyond what seems to be its natural limits.

You work hard on and in your business, but let’s imagine your business is supplying inflated beds. That’s airbeds with the air already in…

Do you know what it’s like blowing up an inflatable bed? For ages, little seems to happen; it feels like the air is going nowhere, then it starts to take shape and you begin to feel rewarded for all that huffing and puffing. Then, just when you think you’re really winning, the bed is full and each and every puff gets harder than the last. Meanwhile, the bed gets no bigger, just harder…

Now you meet a partner, and he or she points out that you could be inflating a double airbed with all the effort you’re putting into trying to grow the single one. What’s more, they can add their puffs, too. In fact, they have access to a pump, if only you can supply a few more beds….

Now you have a business that’s potentially ten, a hundred, even a thousand times the size it was – and you’re doing far less huffing and puffing, too. In fact, you’ve probably automated, systematised and standardised to such an extent by now, its as though you’re doing virtually no work at all – you just keep getting richer!

And you’re the world’s number-one inflated airbed supplier, with partners all around the world.

All because you met a partner with a pump…

That ‘pump’ could be any skill or asset you don’t possess. And your airbeds could be anything they don’t have. But together? Together, the world is at your feet.

Roy Everitt

PS. To meet the owner of your potential ‘pump’ you will have to take some action. How about going to the next networking event, seminar or conference and just making a real effort to meet people?