Prepare to be Amazed!

This was written three years ago after a weekend spent with our daughter and her three children:

Talk about focused effort and staying calm under pressure! I thought we could work quite hard, I thought I was pretty good under pressure, but seeing my daughter not just coping but managing superbly makes me realise just how easy my life is most of the time. And it made me appreciate it, too.

If you still have children at home, or you work as a teacher or child carer, or you spend a lot of time with your grandchildren, you will understand. But how quickly we forget!

I’ve had my two children, and ‘inherited’ two more almost exactly ten years younger, and wouldn’t have missed being a parent – but I wouldn’t choose to do it again, either…

And life is about choices. Not every decision we make turns out to be a wise one, but it was still ours to make. Without exception, we make the best choice we can at any given time, given the circumstances, what we believe and how much we know, so it follows that we make better choices when we know more and can think more clearly.

Sometimes that requires a bit of distance, or a crisis or crossroads in our life. Often, it requires more courage than we think we have, but then again we all have more courage than we know.

When the pain of being where we are exceeds the imagined pain of making a change, we make the change. And usually find the pain is nothing like we expected.

But to make a real go of a new venture, it does us no harm at all to be reminded just what real focus and calm under pressure is.

In which case, find yourself a young mum and prepare to be amazed!