Positively Invigorating

September 2008

Today, I’m not going to talk about marketing.

Spending the past weekend cycling coast to coast (that’s the English coast to coast, from Irish Sea to North Sea, not California to New England) gave me some much-needed time away from the computer and all things Internet-related.

It was a great ride and the weather was perfect, thanks – even in the highest village in England where we enjoyed an excellent Bed and Breakfast, and over the highest passes.

Is that fortune favouring the brave or the sun shining on the righteous?

Anyway, it’s almost impossible to not discover one or two things on a trip like that.

Firstly, the C2C, as it’s known, is a masterpiece of coordinated effort and the triumph of a clear vision over huge difficulties. Establishing such a stunning, permanent, almost traffic-free route over 136 miles of this crowded little country is a great achievement. We met plenty of other people tackling the route who must be equally impressed, even as they cursed yet another steep hill.

Secondly, testing ourselves by taking the route on shows how our own determination can bring us personal triumph, too. Of course, most people tackling a hilly 136 miles will have trained for it, but it still hurts!

And frankly, if we can put our bodies through that and come out smiling, we should soon start to believe we can do just about anything we set our minds to.

So, nothing about marketing today, but instead a little about goal-setting and vision and how just those can carry us further than we might have believed.


PS. Just about everyone we met on the route was friendly and encouraging. We were all in it together in a way, while all fighting our own battles and doing it in our own, unique way. But the point is that being friendly and encouraging is a pretty sure sign of a positive attitude and that’s what it really takes to not give up, as always…

PPS. (October 2010) If I thought the C2C was an achievement – and it was – doing the trip both ways in 2009 was a bigger one.

But Paris to Venice in 2010 was another thing altogether!