Goal Setting that Works

Recently I was chatting with a coach from Nightingale Conant and the subject of goal setting came up.

Now, we all ‘know’ that goal setting works, except that sometimes it doesn’t seem to work at all. In our frustration and disappointment, we probably blame ourselves for ‘failing’ when that happens, instead of asking why setting that goal didn’t bring about the desired result.

Of course, we have to take action to make things happen, but even so, sometimes the goal slips further away, rather than getting closer. The harder we try, sometimes, the further away our goal seems to get.

But my friend from Nightingale Conant had an interesting take on this. Without him actually saying as much, the inference I drew was this:

Goals can all too easily seem like dreams. They’re unreal, because they haven’t been achieved yet, and although Neuro-Linguistic Programming might tell us we have to frame our goals in the present, our subconscious isn’t always so easily fooled.

So, a goal is something we can all too easily fantasise about, because it isn’t real.

But what did my coach friend say to trigger this line of thought?

It was simple, really. He just asked this:

‘In an ideal world, if everything had gone to plan, where would you and your business be NOW?’

The word ‘now’, coupled with the pain of now not being the perfect place we hoped for, is enough to give real weight to our intentions to get there, and SOON!

Try thinking of your goals like this and see if it helps.

Good luck and please let me know how you get on!