Find Your Niche

Autumn 2009

That’s YOUR niche, not A niche. Because, if you are going to spend quite a lot of time and effort working in one fairly small subject area, you’ll find it much easier if it’s a subject you’re actually ‘into’.

Yes, it needs to be a niche that enough other people are into, and enough of those people have to be buyers.

But we can’t all attack the golf niche, however profitable it looks. There’s a lot of competition in the Internet marketing niche, so if you’re getting into that you need to be good AND interested.

So that’s why I’ve recently started a blog about cycling. Actually, about cycling and life.

Riding the coast to coast again this year has reminded me how much I enjoy long trips and big challenges. Commenting on a few cycling forums has reminded me how much I’ve learned and how useful my experiences can be for other people. I reckon I’ve been alive long enough to be able to talk about life, too.

And some of the lessons of cycling translate very well into my general thinking about life and living it as well.

So I’m talking about cycling, in my new blog ‘Be Stronger Tomorrow’. I have other plans for that phrase, that I’ll reveal in good time, but it comes from the literal truth that a hard ride today really does make you stronger tomorrow. Literally tomorrow.

Have a look and let me know what you think.

And meanwhile, think about your passions and how you could relate them to your business, if you’re not already.