A Real ‘Lightbulb’ Moment

A slight departure today, to discuss something we can often forget – and how it applies to our business as well as our personal lives:

What is a lightbulb made for? In other words, what is its purpose? Why does it exist?

A lightbulb that never lights up serves no purpose at all. It may as well not exist.

But the potential is still there.

Now, it’s clear you can ask yourself the same question about your own purpose. And I hope you can come up with a good answer. And if you’re not fulfilling your purpose yet, you can be assured the potential to do so is still there within you.

But here’s the crux: your purpose is not something you decide on a whim – it’s something inside you, something you can really feel you were made for. Like the lightbulb.

Now ask yourself the same question about your business. Is its purpose:

1 To make money?

2 To give employment?

3 To serve its customers?

4 To serve the larger community?

5 To add value?

6 More than one of the above?

7 Something else?

All of those purposes are perfectly fine and respectable, honorable even.

But your business will probably do better once its purpose is clear to you. Just as a lightbulb needs to be recognised for what it is to fulfill its purpose.

Just as you do.