All Kinds of Blood and Gore

Roy Everitt on marketing I was reminded recently of my ex father in law…

…by mention of a chainsaw – possibly the most dangerous power tool ever invented and the stuff of many a horror film and nightmare.

Imagine one of those in the hands of the world’s most accident-prone man and you have a good impression of the potential threat to life and limb of my father in law with a full-blooded, petrol-driven chainsaw and a pile of wood. I expected to see all kinds of blood and gore…

Not that he was so much danger to other people – just that he had a hard-earned reputation for inflicting harm upon himself – especially when power tools and household chores were involved.

I’m still amazed he was let loose with an electric carving knife, but he was…

Anyway, to everyone’s amazement, in all the years he was allowed to use the chainsaw, he never lost a single limb or digit. I guess it’s true that the threat of imminent death does concentrate the mind wonderfully.

Personally, I stood well back and winced, and never took up his offer to ‘have a go’ myself, discretion being the better part of valour.

Sometimes, having the nerve to have a go yourself is what makes the difference, brings the breakthrough you needed and opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

And sometimes it removes a body part and opens up a whole load of arteries.

Working on your business doesn’t have quite the same potential for immediate harm that wielding a chainsaw has, but the effects, for good and bad, can seem just as life changing. The difference being that any harm you do to your business can usually be repaired.

And ‘having a go’ is what it’s all about.