What Can I Do For You?

Personal mentoring and business advice

Somewhere between coaching and consultancy lies a definite but difficult to define space.

As job descriptions go, that’s rather vague.

I certainly didn’t tell my careers advisor that I wanted to one day be lying somewhere between a coach and a consultant, but that’s where I’ve ended up.*

So how can I help YOU?

Are you an entrepreneur (or do you want to be one?). Do you need advice in your business, maybe with the marketing, possibly with the direction it’s going or possibly even with brainstorming some new ideas?

Or do you dream of doing something completely different to what you do now? Do you just need someone to encourage you, to be accountable to or to accompany you on the journey for a while?

Then maybe you need someone who’s somewhere between a coach and a consultant. Like a mentor, maybe, but more than that.

Like the best friend you ever had, one who you can keep asking for more because you don’t owe them anything in return.

(Not because I do this for nothing, you understand, but precisely because I don’t!)

If that’s what you need, get in touch.

Roy Everitt

* And when I realised that what I most enjoy doing, out of all the services and expertise we offer our clients, was the actual helping people bit, it came as something of a revelation.

But enough about me, except to say that what we find most fulfilling is what we tend to do best.