So What’s New?

Roy Everitt on marketingNew year new you? Probably not. Maybe we’ll see a very slightly modified you by the end of 2016 but we all know that New Year resolutions don’t usually work. Apparently, about eight percent of them are kept, which means a massive ninety-two percent are broken (and usually before the end of January, I reckon).

But here’s one thing you can do that will more than likely make a difference, Continue reading

Selling Yourself – More than a USP

Roy Everitt on marketingWhen it comes to creating a brand image there’s not much that’s more compelling than personality. Not “personality” as in something you create but the real, genuine, back to the real you, personality.

If you’ve tried to create a USP for your business you’ll know how difficult it can be to come up with something that’s both compelling and unique. Continue reading