Selling Yourself – More than a USP

Roy Everitt on marketingWhen it comes to creating a brand image there’s not much that’s more compelling than personality. Not “personality” as in something you create but the real, genuine, back to the real you, personality.

If you’ve tried to create a USP for your business you’ll know how difficult it can be to come up with something that’s both compelling and unique. Continue reading

The Value of Expert Status

Roy Everitt on marketing

Not a bad life!

One of the most satisfying things anyone can experience is the sense of being valued by other people – whether in a personal capacity or in business.

We all love to be loved, but in business the value to us is more tangible. Put simply, the expert makes more money from his or her specialism than the generalist can by selling his or her time – even if their quality of work is much the same. Continue reading