Is Your World Shrinking or Growing?

Roy Everitt on marketingYou know that feeling we all get sometimes when we don’t want to do something? Well, there’s a line of thought that says we should be true to ourselves and not do anything we don’t want to.

In the end, we usually find we want to do what we need to do (even if we’d really rather not) because the pain of not doing it is worse than the pain of doing it. Still with me? Continue reading

Degrees of Perfection

Roy Everitt on marketingWe were catching up with the latest Dr Who last night – a brilliant episode in my opinion. In it, the Doctor is wondering out loud about the possibility of creatures that have evolved the ability to hide perfectly. Not just camouflage, but actual invisibility.

How can we be sure they don’t exist? Answer: we can’t.

He gave a couple of other examples of evolution producing perfection, too: Continue reading

Why You Should Work on Your Strengths

Roy Everitt on marketingWith my apologies for using the word “should”, professional athletes – at least the really good ones – know this is what works.

It doesn’t mean they don’t try to improve on those areas that aren’t their strengths; they just don’t focus on them.

Instead, they focus on their core abilities, the ones – or the one – that got them where they are. They don’t bemoan the things they aren’t good at; they celebrate the things in which they excel. Continue reading

Cobbler’s Shoes

Roy Everitt on marketingJust as a cobbler’s childrenĀ are sometimes said to have the worst shoes and builders’ houses are often in dire need of some TLC, website companies sometimes neglect their own sites in favour of their clients’ needs.

Now, although our website wasn’t bad it had become quite bloated over the years and it was definitely in need of rationalisation and revision. Continue reading